About Vision Aerial

Bozeman, MT - Image taken from a SwitchBlade

Bozeman, MT - Image taken from a SwitchBlade

Vision Aerial, established in 2013 and located in Bozeman, Montana, manufactures Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  Our first product is a TriCopter named SwitchBlade.  TriCopters, much like QuadCopters, HexaCopters and OctoCoptors are part of the MultiCopter genre of aircraft. MultiCopters utilize multiple rotors and state-of-the-art processor based flight controllers to keep them aloft.

Unsatisfied with the current options in the market, the design of the SwitchBlade was driven by need.  With focus on adding the maximum value and capability directly to the pilot.  The SwitchBlade is conceived, designed and all of it's unique parts are manufactured in the United States.

Our start:

Start-up companies often face a chicken-or-egg dilemma where enough orders are needed to make minimum production quantities to get started, but have trouble getting orders without inventory to deliver quickly.  Typically we look to Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors or are fortunate enough to have personal resources to get past this speed bump.

In Vision Aerial's case, we looked to the new and exciting world of crowdfunding.  We choose to use Kickstarter, which allowed those interested in a SwitchBlade to "pledge" for one.  After our 30 day campaign, our minimum financial goal was exceeded by over 200%! 

Please see our "Honored Backers" page to see all those who helped us to get off the ground!